Branches Café Serving the Community with Young People at its Heart
 Branches CaféServing the Community with Young People at its Heart

What and Who we are.

What is Branches Young People's Support Service (Branches)?

Branches is a Community Interest Company(CIC) incorporated in March 2016. A CIC is a type of Social Enterprise which means it is run for the benefit of the community in which we operate. It is a business with a social purpose, not a charity.  Any profits must be put back into the company to allow it to develop and further benefit the community it serves. Being a CIC (not a charity) means that Branches can add to or change the ways it generates funds without having to register each new potential income stream as a new trading company. A CIC also limits its members' liability for any outstanding debts should the company fold to £1 each, hence the £1 fee to become a member which BYPSS will keep seperately from other company assets so that members liability is already covered when they join.

Who are Branches?

Branches is basically it's members, who can suggest and vote on what the CIC should be doing to meet it's aims. Anyone who agrees with these aims can be a member, with proper permission if under 18. The Directors of the CIC are responsible for the day to day running of the business and decision-making. The Directors of Branches are experienced qualified Youth and Community Workers, (though not so experienced that they can't remember what it was like to be young!).  The management team at Branches is made up of the Directors, the Business Manager and the Cafe Manager. The management team is working to get Branches Cafe ready to open, finding the money, organising the design and refit of the premises, making links with other organisations to make sure that Branches can deliver what it promises, and recruiting and training people to help run the Cafe.

Yoga Sessions

In Association with

Yoga Quota

Youth Cafe @Branches

is offering free yoga sessions for Young People on

Mondays 5 -5:45pm

Opening Hours

Monday -Thursday

08:00-15:00  Open to All

15:00-17:00  Takeaway

15:00-17:00 Youth Cafe



08:00-17:00   Open to All


09:00-12:00  Open to All

Branches Café is rooted in the community of Botley.

We are a social enterprise and

youth work is our social purpose.


At Branches Café we believe in you, we believe in us,

we believe in our young people.


We believe a community needs a place where people can come together to chat eat drink and laugh.


We believe Young People need a safe place of their own

to play, learn and grow.


We believe a community needs to give to its young people,

so they feel like a valued part of it.


We believe Young People need opportunity to give back to the community to show they are worth investing in.


We believe a community needs to support its businesses and appreciate and encourage the skills and talents it contains.


We believe Young People need the community to share its skills and talents with them, so they can learn to take these

skills forward in their own exciting directions.


You Need Something?

Feed the Need at Branches Café

At Branches Café you will always find a playful, safe and compassionate place to socialise, learn and grow.


We will work with you to branch out and try new things.

At Branches Café we aim

To serve the community with young people at its heart