Branches Serving the Community with Young People at its Heart
 BranchesServing the Community with Young People at its Heart

Curioser and curioser!

Come through the looking glass and embark on a dinner adventure at Branches. Enjoy a three course dinner party with a true Wonderland themed dessert.  An entrancing and fun evening for friends and family.


The young people will be going to the next level creating a magical evening for your delectation. 


£30 with a complimentary 'Drink Me' potion. Don't be late! Book your seat for a very important date!  Tickets available at Branches in person or over the phone, or below


We hope you and your friends can join us for this marvellous event, supporting our vision of a safe and compassionate space for young people to socialise, develop skills and grow. 


Mad Hatter's Tea Party Ticket
30.00 GBP

Curiouser and curiouser! Come through the looking glass and embark on a dinner adventure at Branches

The Funding Network TFN is a national organisation that brings together businesses in local areas to give funds to worthy projects such as Branches. The Oxford event is in May and we need to find a 'sponsor' to speak on our behalf and to raise a £250 seeding donation by the 18th February to give us access to this event. This would give us a chance to raise up to £4000 of funds to support our vision.


You can donate on line below.

Or come in for a drink or breakfast or  lunch and donate in person.

£10 donation
10.00 GBP

Donate £10 towards our target of £250 TFN seed donation

£5 Donation
5.00 GBP

Donate £5 towards our target of £250 seed money for TFN

Free Event!

for Young People (Ages 12-17).

A great opportunity for young rugby fans to come and enjoy the

Scotland v Wales

Six Nations Match with friends and rivals.

Doors open at 2pm for the 2:15 Kick Off.

Sides and fries menu on sale.

25th January 2019


Burns Supper, 25th January 2019

For the first of Branches Pop-Up evening events 30 Paying Guests enjoyed this traditional evening of Scot's food and culture at Branches. The Young Leaders helped Chef prep and deliver the traditional Menu of Cullen Skink Soup for starters, Haggis with Tatties and Neeps, for main and Cranachen for Dessert.

As well as the gret food there were the traditional grace, addressing of the Haggis and a toast not to the laddies and the lassies but across the gender spectrum. After the formalities and the meal everyone joined in Scottish stye dancing, and much fun was had by all guests and Branches team. Well done the Young Leaders for their hard work before during and after the event. Thanks Branches Team for putting this event on. We look forward to the next Pop-Up.


Free Yoga Sessions

In association with Yoga Quota


Youth Cafe@Branches is offering free yoga session for young people. 


When:   Starting Monday, 14th January 2019

Time:     17:00-17:45

Where:  Branches Cafe, Botley

Pre Christmas Feast!


To finish off the year at Branches we invited Families in need of a little help with their Christmas cheer and the homeless to join us for a Pre Christmas Feast on the 22nd December from 11:00 am.


Donations of hats, gloves scarves, sock, travel mugs, toothbrushes, shower gel, pocket tissues, sanitary products, wipes, dog food/treats just add water food and drinks sachets were taken and distributed on the day.


After lots of help peeling spuds, and hatching sprouts we were glad to provide this delicious hot meal to all who attended. The remaining food and donations were distributed to the community fridge in Botley, the Food Bank, and the Gatehouse homeless project.


A BIG THANKS to all who donated money food clothes and time to support 

                                                               this event.

Back in late October!


Halloween proved a spooky time with Squeak and Mutate-O soup, eyeballs and Witches Fingers on the menu.

A few joined us on the day to dress up get scary make-up on ready to go out trick or treating, and Our Young Leaders partied on Thursday evening, reprising their own costumes from the day before and comparing their hoards of sweetie treasures.


Youth Cafe@Branches: Starting this week!


Branches cafe is very proud to introduce our: Youth Cafe@Branches


Providing a free and exclusive space for young people 12 -17 years old to come and relax after school. Maybe a snack or take part in a range of activities on offer (there may be a charge for some of these to cover resources). 


Open: 15:00-17:00, after school.

Starting: Thursday, 6th September 2018 and running weekly.      

How often: Mondays -Thursday, during term time.


                     Take away service available to all!

Youth Cafe@Branches: Evening Sessions

From the 13th September 2018,                              Youth Cafe @Branches will be open for              Young People 12-17 years.


Entry Fee: £1


Join us for some socialisation, music, and many activities between 19:00-21:00.                                     


Follow us: 

Instagram @_branches_youth_

Facebook: Branches Cafe

 Branches Cafe Now Open!

Above are some of the Branches Team of Staff and Young Volunteers, ready to welcome you to the Branches Cafe.

Serving the community with young people at its heart.



Opening Hours:

Monday  -  Thursday      08:00 - 15:00   Open to All     

                                           15:00 - 17:00   Takeaway Service      

                                           15:00 - 17:00   Youth Cafe @Branches (term time)


Friday                               08:00 - 17:00  Open to All

Saturday                           08:00 - 12:00   Open to All 


Evenings                         19:00 - 21:00   Youth Cafe @Branches (days tbc)


                                                           Watch this space for updates and more!