Branches Café Serving the Community with Young People at its Heart
 Branches CaféServing the Community with Young People at its Heart

Branches Menu

Branches Breakfast Served Until 11am

Standard Breakfast (Veggie and Vegan options): Sausage, Bacon, Beans, Tomato, Mushroom & Toast £5.50

Go large for £1.45 extra

Branches Brunches Served All Day:

Bacon or Sausage/Veggie Sausage Bap £3.50

Honey & Mixed Berry Porridge £2.50

Branches Lunch Menu From 11am


A choice of 3 fillings, check out social media or our menu boards for today’s selections

Prices starting from £5.50

Burritos come with Rice, Crème Fraiche, Chunky Salsa, Smoked Cheese. With a choice of Flour or Wheat Tortilla

Add Guacamole or Refried Beans for £1.00

Want it Spicy? Ask for Sriracha Salsa

Or Have it as a Tostada Salad

Toasties – Served with Fries:

Ham & Cheese Toastie £4.00

Tuna Mayo & Cheese Toastie £4.00

Brie & Onion Chutney Toastie £3.50

Bacon & Brie & Onion Chutney Toastie £4.00


Fries - £2

Nachos £1.80

Dirty Fries (Choice of Topping) £4

Loaded Nachos (Choice of Topping) £3.80

Yoga Sessions

In Association with

Yoga Quota

Youth Cafe @Branches

is offering free yoga sessions for Young People on

Mondays 5 -5:45pm

Opening Hours

Monday -Thursday

08:00-15:00  Open to All

15:00-17:00  Takeaway

15:00-17:00 Youth Cafe



08:00-17:00   Open to All


09:00-12:00  Open to All

Branches Café is rooted in the community of Botley.

We are a social enterprise and

youth work is our social purpose.


At Branches Café we believe in you, we believe in us,

we believe in our young people.


We believe a community needs a place where people can come together to chat eat drink and laugh.


We believe Young People need a safe place of their own

to play, learn and grow.


We believe a community needs to give to its young people,

so they feel like a valued part of it.


We believe Young People need opportunity to give back to the community to show they are worth investing in.


We believe a community needs to support its businesses and appreciate and encourage the skills and talents it contains.


We believe Young People need the community to share its skills and talents with them, so they can learn to take these

skills forward in their own exciting directions.


You Need Something?

Feed the Need at Branches Café

At Branches Café you will always find a playful, safe and compassionate place to socialise, learn and grow.


We will work with you to branch out and try new things.

At Branches Café we aim

To serve the community with young people at its heart