Branches Café Serving the Community with Young People at its Heart
 Branches CaféServing the Community with Young People at its Heart

Our team

Branches Young People's Support Service consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced Staff and Volunteers. Allow us to introduce them to you on this page.

Dave Goodspeed



Biography: Dave is a qualified Youth And Community Worker and holds a Masters Degree in Therapeutic Child Care.

He has worked with Children and Young People for over twenty years in a variety of settings including managing a residential unit for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. Dave has pursued his interest in groups in his continuing professional development training at Oxford and Reading Universities, and has run many experiential or task orientated groups for young people and staff teams. Dave's children went to Botley School and he likes to be outside breaking stuff for making stuff.





iane Long



Biography: Diane is a qualified Youth and Community Worker, and managed youth services and early intervention services for 14 years for the local authority.  Diane has a Masters degree in Community Education and has specialist knowledge of working with young people on the autistic spectrum.  She is a Family Links Parent Group Leader, facilitating parenting courses for parents and carers with younger children.  She has an applied background in the Theatre and Youth Theatre.  She lives in Botley with her family and is currently learning to ride a motorcycle!





For the Raise Project in summer 2017 we recruited and trained a fantastic team of Volunteers to help us plan and deliver the project and support the involvement of 9 Young People in running the pop-up cafe. 

A huge thanks to all of them for their commitment, hard work and the passion and effort they put in.

They're not all in the picture so thanks to: :Emmett Farah Gloria Clive Mark Nosheen Emma Steve Ali and all the Young People.


Could this be you?


When Branches opens the Youth Cafe we will need a team of volunteers to help run the cafe and the projects, and to make positive relationships with our customers.  


A team of volunteers will be needed, to help the directors and the support workers with running of the cafe and other Branches services, to engage with Young People in the cafe and support and pass on their skills to help our Young People's enterprising projects succeed.


The Directors will do their utmost to ensure that Branches is a safe place for Young People and the staff and volunteers.  Our policies and working practices and processes will support the recruitment, selection, supervision, training and ongoing support of adults and young volunteers who are to be involved with Branches' work. The work may be physically demanding and emotionally hard at times, but it will also be rewarding and lots of fun.


If you think this could be you, please get in touch.

Yoga Sessions

In Association with

Yoga Quota

Youth Cafe @Branches

is offering free yoga sessions for Young People on

Mondays 5 -5:45pm

Opening Hours

Monday -Thursday

08:00-15:00  Open to All

15:00-17:00  Takeaway

15:00-17:00 Youth Cafe



08:00-17:00   Open to All


09:00-12:00  Open to All

Branches Café is rooted in the community of Botley.

We are a social enterprise and

youth work is our social purpose.


At Branches Café we believe in you, we believe in us,

we believe in our young people.


We believe a community needs a place where people can come together to chat eat drink and laugh.


We believe Young People need a safe place of their own

to play, learn and grow.


We believe a community needs to give to its young people,

so they feel like a valued part of it.


We believe Young People need opportunity to give back to the community to show they are worth investing in.


We believe a community needs to support its businesses and appreciate and encourage the skills and talents it contains.


We believe Young People need the community to share its skills and talents with them, so they can learn to take these

skills forward in their own exciting directions.


You Need Something?

Feed the Need at Branches Café

At Branches Café you will always find a playful, safe and compassionate place to socialise, learn and grow.


We will work with you to branch out and try new things.

At Branches Café we aim

To serve the community with young people at its heart